COURSE OBJECTIVES: Each student shall be trained in the safe use and maintenance of Spacing Saws. The program progresses through the fundamentals of mechanical procedures and work techniques, to specialized mechanical trouble shooting and advanced work techniques.

Unmodified Course Outline Module:

Student Curriculum Planner:

1. Introduction to Spacing Saws and Personal Protective Equipment

  • Initial Introductions
  • Components of the Spacing Saw
  • Personal Safety Equipment
  • Work Ethic
  • Preventative Maintenance Procedures
  • Repair Potentials
  • Maintenance Filing Angles and Procedures
  • Intro to Repair Filing Techniques
  • Tool Kit
  • Adjustment of Suspension Eyelet and Harness
  • Fuel Mixing and Starting Procedures
  • Working Check List
  • Strip Layout, Mapping and Piece Rate Payment
  • Blade Cutting Characteristics
  • The Kick Back Zone
  • Directional Felling
  • Working a Face
  • Safe Cutting Procedures
5. Filing and Motor Mechanics
  • Filing Techniques and Modifications
  • Daily and Periodic Maintenance Schedules
  • Repair Procedures
  • Time and Motion Parameters

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