Author Keys for  Stocking Number /Nature Nature of Precut Consideration of  # & Nature of  
Title Date Field Use Chart of keys Elements of the Key(s)  (decision nodes)  Information Types of Objectives Prescriptions Advantages Comments    
A Silvicultural Guide for USDA yes yes 2,  (msd) (1) Mean Stand Diameter(msd), primary/secondary sites, # of trees by sp, dbh, BA,   Traditional - grow most in  20, narrative and  Suitable for Spruce/Fir tally and diagnostic 
Spruce-Fir in the Northeast Frank/Bjorkbom keys to generate a  stocking, (II) age structure, primary/secondary site, stocking of advanced shortest time descriptive guidelines Simple methodology summary sheets, identifies
  1973 prescription  volume/ac, species comp,maturity, presence/absence  regeneration lists 4 types of objectives use of stocking chart adaptable BA available to harvest
   of advanced regeneration stocking not particularly quantitative and marking guides tree classification table
                  speaks of pathological rotation age  
Maine Timberlands Fraser Inc. matrix +  not 3,  (cover type) cover type, stage of development assessment of  mission statement standard systems defined in use locally includes sketches of 
  1990 harvesting specifically matrix to generate a # of stories, assessment of regen advanced regeneration maximize softwood yields predicated on initial stand simple harvesting layout
  pecking  mentioned prescribed silvicultural prevailing wind and lean utilizing recognized silvicultural conditions and presence linked with harvesting    and guidelines
  orders system prescriptions or absence of advanced pecking order  
Management Guide For Deer  Vermont yes yes 4,  (msd) msd, deer wintering area, primary/secondary site, site quality, stand structure, somewhat incorporated 25 by msd and initial  designed for use with definition of prim/sec site
Wintering Areas in Vermont Reay, et al keys to generate a presence/absence of armillaria, presence/absence  size, and vigor, deer activity  into the prescriptions and condition,  etc. s/f guide while focusing hemlock and white pine
  1990 prescription of advanced regeneration, stocking, crown ratio, status, presence of discussed as guidelines to good discussion on  on deer wintering areas stocking charts
  tree vigor, species composition armillaria, distinguishing management of deer wintering standard silvicultural applicable to our forests see also white-tailed deer
            between primary/secondary sites areas prescriptions wildlife perspective model hab. man. guide
New England Hardwood CFS yes not 1 msd, stocking, BA, shade tolerance, species msd, stocking/density, BA, sp list of objectives/assumptions 9 with no more than 40 % the key is very simply  described as sanitation/    
Stocking Guides Should Work Lees & Embree specifically key to generate a even-aged management for of the BA removed worded and easy to  salvage/thinning from
For Maritime Woodlot Owners 1983 mentioned prescription tolerant sp. incorporating cutting use below, ie initial low grade
  and not  in  for high value products guidelines (pecking order) cutting pecking order cut enables sensible
      fact required         based on BA   management
Forestry Field Handbook Nova Scotia yes yes 4 based on silvicultural species, msd, windfall hazard, prior treatment, site, not well defined Related to the silvicultural 3, cleaning (PCT) simple and well thought to many interventions
  Bailey, et al of a form system, the key  land capability forest inventory data system prescribed commercial thinning (2) out approach to under- not enough economic
  1988 generates a BA  no wildlife perspective shelterwood key take each system analysis by volumes
  removal rates removed
Rating Spruce-Fir Silviculture USDA yes not 6 cover type, treatment method, growth rate, none not particularly quantitative silvicultural prescriptions simple inputs nice format for field
for Wildlife and Forestry Crawford & Frank matrix specifically based on standard timber and wildlife rating, remarks for each tables rate timber production no specific details useful guide  use
  1990 mentioned silvicultural systems  association  and the provision of wildlife   
Forestry Handbook P.E.I no yes various tables: Average stand diameter by # of trees/BA No methodology for 
  1987 # of Trees/ha by between tree spacing, stocking curves  addressing management
  merchantable stand volume by BA/average stand diameter  issues before us.
  table of use of woodlands by common birds  
A Silvicultural Guide  USDA yes yes 2,  (msd) mean stand diameter (msd), (I)msd, stocking, # of trees/ac Timber objectives for 19, integrated  simple methodology BA removal rates, tree
for Northern Hardwoods Leak et al. Keys to generate (I) presence of paper birch, % stocking, site index estimate of site index  veneer/logs/pulp/sp slightly with stocking marking guidelines,
in the Northeast 1969 descriptive prescriptions (II)even/uneven-aged stands, objective, stocking or BA,   (II)present age structure and  non-timber objectives chart crop tree specifications
  desired objective, # of trees  initial stand conditions    
             by sp, dbh, BA (1pt/ac)        
A Silvicultural Guide For USDA yes yes 1,  (msd) primary objective limit of stand area, BA, # of trees timber objectives only 13, integrated heavily  completed tally sheet calculate # of trees/ac &
Paper Birch in the Marquis, et al. Narrative key generates  mean stand diameter (msd), stocking %, BA, Site Index,  per acre by sp/dbh, ht, only  # of crop trees specifically  with stocking chart use provides all information BA, and note on tally 
Northeast 1969 or refers to a descriptive management objective co-dominants and above, noted,  narrative to write stand sheet with amount of BA
  prescription prescription available for harvest
Interim Guide To  USDA yes yes flowchart to generate  soil drainage, advanced reproduction, sapling understory overstory - # of trees by sp/dbh strictly timber objectives 5 - clearcutting, release simple,  interesting interesting discussions
Regeneration of Marquis, et al. for prescription overstory stocking, undesirable competition BA, soil drainage silvicultural system as  cutting, shelterwood approach on use of the stocking
Allegany Hardwoods 1975 overstory understory - stocking and # of  directed by the status cutting, deferred cutting, chart